NSW's Planning for people

In 2014 a working group of community organisations published A Community Charter for Good Planning in NSW.
The working group comprised the Better Planning Network, Community Councillors Network, Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development, National Parks Association of NSW, National Trust of Australia (NSW), Nature Conservation Council of NSW, NSW Heritage Network, Shelter NSW and the Total Environment Centre.
The Charter proposes that good planning is governed by the following principles:

The Charter can be viewed at:thecommunitycharter.org/

A Charter Companion document details the principles, expected outcomes and the mechanisms through which the Charter could be implemented.
The expected outcomes are a planning system that:

Friends of the East Coast believes this Charter provides the most developed community based planning policies in Australia.  Planning activists in Tasmania might be inspired by the efforts and the consultation processes required to prepare such a Charter.

  • The well-being of the whole community, the environment and future generations across regional, rural and urban NSW.
  • Effective and genuine public participation in strategic planning and development decisions.
  • An open, accessible, transparent and accountable, corruption-free planning system.
  • The integration of land use planning with the provision of infrastructure and the conservation of our natural, built and cultural environment.
  • Objective, evidence-based assessment of strategic planning and development proposals.
  • Respects, values and conserves our natural environment and the service it provides
  • Provides housing choice, including affordable housing and sufficient housing for the disadvantaged, in a diversity of locations
  • Celebrates, respects and conserves our cultural (including Aboriginal) and built heritage
  • Protects and sustainably manages our natural resources, including our water resources, fragile coastlines and irreplaceable agricultural land for the benefit of present and future generations while maintaining or enhancing ecological processes and biological diversity
  • Retains and protects our Crown lands and natural areas, landscapes and flora and fauna for the benefit of the people of NSW
  • Gives local and regional communities a genuine and meaningful voice in shaping their local area and region, its character and the location, height and density of housing. Provides certainty and fairness to communities